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Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to Insulite and our insulation & skylight products & services. If you can't find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to Contact Us for further information.


Of course. Insulite will arrange to meet you to discuss your individual project and needs at a time that suits you. We can discuss all your options in terms of products and the most cost effective solution.

To arrange a no obligation free quote, please fill out the web form on our Get a Quote page and we will be in touch shortly.

Yes. Insulite can arrange to have our representative call you to arrange a no obligation free quote, and your options regarding having your new skylight fully installed by our expert, fully qualified team.
Yes. Our skylights and shaftless skylighting systems can easily be installed with our detailed DIY instructions. Alternatively, we can arrange to install your new skylight for you. We will discuss this further with you when you contact us regarding a quote.
Your new insulation can be installed over existing insualtion but it is always better to clean out existing spray in insulation or old batts. This ensures your insualtion fits perfectly together with no gaps and increases thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Yes, all our insulation products have a full lifetime manufacturer warranty on materials, and a 7 year guarantee on workmanship and installation. Our skylight products come with a 7 year guarantee on materials, workmanship an installation. If at any time you have a concern about your new skylight or insulation, please contact us immediately and we will rectify the problem.

Insulite supplies a full range of skylights to suit all roof types. To read more about our Skylights, please visit the Skylight Products page of this website.

When deciding on the type of insulation you require there are a few things you need to consider.

  • The orientation of the building itself is important, as it will have an effect on the insulation products required. 
  • The type of windows are also important. For example too many large windows can have a detrimental affect on your insulation. 
  • The construction materials used will also need to be considered, as they can affect the rate of heat transfer.
  • The relative levels of temperature both inside and outside the building will also need to be considered as these will determine the rating of insulation required.

The R-Value rating is a measure of thermal resistance to heat transfer. The higher the rating, the better the insulation, up to a point. We ensure we give the best options that meet or exceed current Australian Standards.

Depending on your needs, Insulite offers a range of skylights and roof windows to combat poor lighting and ventilation in your home or office. To read more about our solutions, go to Skylight Products, Standard Skylights and Roof Windows.

With the constant increases in power bills, there has never been a better time to insulate your home and install skylights. An efficiently insulated home will use less energy to heat and cool your living spaces and will reduce greenhouse emissions, saving on your energy costs. Around half of the heat lost from a typical home escapes through the walls, roof and floor making these areas obvious candidates for good insulation.
Skylights increase the amount of natural light & ventilation entering your home or office, hence reducing the need for artificial lighting, heating and cooling.

Insulite will endeavour to beat any genuine quote on the same product and specification. Simply provide us with your written quote and supplier details.

No. All our skylights and roof windows are UV treated. We also offer a full 7 year guarantee on all materials, workmanship and installations, ensuring you enjoy the benefits for years to come.