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Types of Skylights

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There are three main types of skylight systems for domestic construction and renovation purposes.


                             Tubular skylights                                     Roof Windows                                 Shaftless skylights

  1. Roof Windows - These are popular for attic rooms as well as other living areas with a conventional flat ceiling where a plaster light well is used to bring the outside in. Roof windows can be opened, a big advantage during summer, especially in two storey houses where heat tends to concentrate in the upper level. These windows can be vented or non-vented, fixed or operable, and in any shape and size. Improving the indoor climate and air quality of your home with increased ventilation, can help the personal well being and health of the occupants.
  2. Tubular skylights - Tubular skylights, also known as tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), rely on capturing direct sunlight, transmitting it down a highly reflective light well and diffusing it at ceiling level around the room. They work best in climates with a high incidence of clear, sunny days. On cloudy days the amount of daylight admitted will be compromised.
  3. Shaftless skylights - The latest in skylighting products that add natural light to buildings where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight can not be fitted by allowing installation in multi-level homes and locations where there is no direct roof access. Installed on any level of the home without the need for a light shaft, flexible shaft or a large roof cavity to be cut out.

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