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Glasswool Insulation

Glasswool Insulation

Insulite provides a range of Glasswool Insulation products for a wide variety of uses. These include, Insulco Acousti Therm batts, Insulco Bubble, Pipe lagging insulation and the full range of Fletcher Pink Batts Insulation. Glasswool, also known as mineral wool insulation products, are lightweight, flexible, resilient and fire retardant. They are high density to provide excellent acoustic and thermal performance for walls, ceilings and between floors in residential & commercial buildings.

One of the most popular products used for insulating purposes, these products are made from spun RECYCLED glass, in a process similar to making fairy floss!

Typical Applications include walls and partitions in:

Office buildings
High rises
Internal fit outs in shopping centres
Acoustic varieties are perfect for soundproofing laundries, bathrooms and the popular home theatre room

Features & Benefits:

Lightweight Insulation blanket
The Fletcher Pink Batts range are the only Australian glasswool manufacturer with GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification
Easily installed in walls, ceilings and between floors to reduce the noise transfer between rooms
Enables high R-Values for external walls to be achieved with limited cavity size
Excellent acoustic properties
Insul Bubble 100 is coated with anti glare ink for protection against sun glare
Helps reduce natural frequencies in walling systems
Easily transported around site due to packaging
High density - 16kg/m3 - 20kg/m3
Cost effective
Non combustible
Made from Biosoluble formulation - perfectly safe to use for any family home or office
Made from up to 80% recycled material

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Other Services

Electric Opening Skylight

The VSE Electric Opening Skylight offers the comfort and energy savings of free Daylight and Fresh Air. The added convenience of remote control and built-in rain sensors make this the ultimate Skylight solution.
Product features:
White painted interior wood frame and sash.
Outer aluminium cappings (grey).
Complete with pre-installed electric motor, control system & rain sensor.
Simple to install – 2 metre lead (supplied) plugs into power point.
Smooth, low profile sits lower in the roof, does not obstruct the roofline.
Choice of 9 sizes.
Insect screen fitted as standard.
Complete with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs.
High Performance double glazing as standard, with NEAT™ outer coating, reduces cleaning frequency.
Approx 80% Heat Block.

Insulation 1

Wall Insulation

Solar Skylights

Insulite supplies and installs the latest solar Illume® shaftless® skylighting systems that can be installed anywhere.
Illume® adds the ambience of skylighting to multi-storey buildings, where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight could not be fitted. The clever system design allows installation on any level of a home without the need of a light shaft, flexible tube or a large roof cavity to be cut out.

Perfect for domestic construction and renovations and commercial multi-level complexes. Illume® don't require installation locations that have direct roof access, and are more easily installed than conventional skylights.
Illume looks like a skylight, and performs like a skylight but is not installed like a skylight.
The benefits of Illume Shaftless Skylights:
Works without batteries
No mains power required and no running costs
Easy to install
No light shaft required
Works in multi-level dwellings
No light shaft, flexible tube or roof cavity required
Comes in a range of sizes, square or round shape and surface mounted kits
No UV emissions or heat transfer

Fletcher Pink Batts®

Pink Batts® Insulation is made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool (sometimes referred to as mineral wool), specially designed for the thermal insulation of ceilings and walls in domestic and commercial buildings.

Pink Batts® Insulation has the added benefit of being an effective sound absorber and so contributes to both the thermal and acoustic comfort of building occupants.

The comprehensive range of sizes and R-values available ensures there is an efficient and effective insulation solution for your home.

Pink Batts® Insulation is stiffened to fit snugly between standard spacing wall studs – both timber and steel – without sagging and should be installed at the time of construction before fixing internal lining.

Pink Batts® Insulation is non-combustible, low allergen and are guaranteed to perform for the life of the home.
Pink Batt® products supplied and installed by Insulite:

Pink® Floor Batts - High density underfloor insulation providing outstanding thermal performance reducing heat transfer.
Pink® SonoBatts® acoustic insulation - Excellent acoustic insulation in metal & timber stud walls and as infill between floors and ceilings in domestic applications.
Pink® SonoBatts® Premium acoustic insulation - Premium cavity infill batt for room-to-room noise control in ceilings, floor and stud walls. Minimise air borne sound transmission using standard construction methods and timber sizes.
Pink® Acoustic-Therm® insulation - High density glasswool batts with excellent acoustic properties suited to residential walls. Can be used to achieve high R-value in small wall cavities.